(Quote in header is from BFA Companion Chronicle "Helicon Prime.")...
Cheesy. Female. 30 something.
Often grumpy, sometimes silly, and generally appreciative of the cheesy things in life. (In a 70's disco and polyester kind of way.)...

I have opinions. Often unpopular. Deal with it.
Currently undergoing chemo for a chronic disease so sometimes personal posts happen!...

Other than my health falling apart, this blog is mainly Doctor Who, mostly classic. (But occasionally New!Who and Big Finish) Upstairs Downstairs (also mostly classic,) Peter Davison,

Wicked Fan, RENThead, and lifelong fan of the Wizard of Oz books. Video Games, cute animals, and posts about whatever other thing I am currently watching will also appear here...
I am a shameless Colin Baker fangirl.
Also did I mention Peter Davison?
Because Peter Davison!

Least likely person to be seen bouncing around in a fez insisting 'bow ties are cool.'

I ship like mad and have awkward/cracky head canon. You've been warned.

For the sake of space, you can read about my fave Doctors/Companions/Unpopular fan opinions and more on my 'About Me' page which I've finally updated for the first time since 2010. This is mostly there so that people can see what they're likely to "get" if they decide to follow because there is a great assumption among certain groups of Whovians on tumblr that everyone should (or does) "Whovian" in the same way, and I don't necessarily mesh well with the prevailing hive mind on certain topics. If you made it through that wall of text and still wish to follow me, you're awesome :) Welcome!
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